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1. Timber Prefabricated Building System

C&S Smart Move is dedicated to providing innovative advanced technology housing solutions, to satisfy the wishes of homebuyers.  With wood being the primary building material, building a house using prefabrication manufacturing techniques is what we call "eco friendly construction". In addition, building costs are up to 40% lower,when compared to other types of construction.

2. An average housing cost example

A 138.8 m2 house cost, is approximately €920 per m2 using our prefabricated housing system, with environmentally friendly materials, thermo/sound insulation, antiseismic qualities, short assembly time and low energy consumption. For a price as low as €130,000 you can have your house build in very short time. Comparing our construction to other types, achieving our standards (and yet not in full) would cost approximately €1,288 per m2, totalling to €178,774. The same house would cost €51,000 more and would still not offer the same energy sufficiency characteristics, anti-seismicqualities and environmentally friendly construction.

3. Technology

The most economic and environmentally friendly way to construct a house is the use of “prefabricated technology” in which, the building elements are prefabricated in a state of the art factory, under ideal assembly conditions.

Utilizing prefabricated construction elements, in accordance with the European Regulation on building products 305/2011/EEC, the prefabricated system offers a range of design options without any restrictions.

4. Energy efficiency

The thermal insulation value of our prefabricated element houses can achieve as low as 0.14 W/m2K which over-satisfies the requirements of the most recent European directive on energy efficiency set out in 2010/31/EEC. Due to this considerably less energy is required for heating or cooling our homes, when compared to the traditionally constructed houses.

5. Confidence and Trust

The wood material used in our constructions hold a certificate of CertHolz – the Austrian Wood Institute, which guarantees the highest quality of construction. The basic material used is wood. That is why the wood we utilize only comes from selected, certified Austrian sawmills.The wood undergoes a special working process in an Austrian factory. In continuance, the wood is used for fabricating readymade construction elements of housing, in accordance to the European standards requirements.

6. Designs

You may use our existing home designs or choose any design of your liking by any other architectural studio. “…with our proven methods and the support of our partners from Austria & Germany, we guarantee the best construction of wooden based prefabricated houses, in the highly competitive buildingmarket…”

7. Quality

Using innovative advanced technology which ensures real optimization during all stages of the construction, the performance level of thermal insulation significantly increases, making energy consumption of up to 90% possible.

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Brands at Buckingham, New York , America

Tel: (26 4) 2212820, Mail: info@test.com

Brands at Buckingham, New York , America

Tel: (33 4) 2212820, Mail: info@test.com